Rue Général-Dufour 20 - 1204 Geneva

P.O.Box 515 - 1211 Geneva 17

Phone: +41 22 849 03 70

Fax: +41 22 849 03 73


Universal Investment Advisory SA is an Independent  Financial Advisory Company.

Our company offers to its clients full access to all  private banking services.


We advise our clients on the optimal way how to manage their financial assets.

We strive to find  a solution to all clients’ inquiries with regard to wealth and asset management.


Our clients have the flexibility to choose their depository bank and thus have the most favorable terms of banking service.


We are particularly proud to advise  the Universal Strategies Funds’ managers.


In August 2011,  the flagship Universal  Absolute Return SP has been rated by Bloomberg for a second time in the last 5 years

among the 10 Best-performing Multy-Strategy Funds.